jujitsu for self defence

Jujitsu is a highly effective method of self defence that has evolved over many years.

Our instructors at Bedford JuJitsu have, between them, trained in Boxing, Karate, Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun and JuJitsu. We find JuJitsu to be the most comprehensive of these styles, and also the most effective.

Jujitsu works to defeat an opponent using the following methods:

  • minimising exposure (posture, stances, body-position and fighting distance)
  • avoiding confrontation if at all possible (body language & verbal communication)
  • off-balancing them (centre-line theory)
  • striking, kicking & pressure-point applications (kyusho)
  • capitalising on body mechanics for leverage (joint locks)
  • taking them down to the floor (throws)
  • restraining them (chokes, strangles, holds)
  • using speed, aggression, surprise and a no-nonsense approach
  • protecting oneself from attack, and minimising damage (blocks, breakfalls)

The origins of JuJitsu can be traced back in the ancient chronicles of Japan, and it was widely practiced by the Samurai warriors.

Today, it can be seen as the dominating force in the highly publicized Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC), along with other no-rules and ring-rules Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) contests.

Recognised as a deadly and effective style, JuJitsu is now taught to UK Special Forces.