Christmas Social 2016

The last date for training in 2016 is Monday 12th December. We start again in the New Year on 9th January 2017.

Our Christmas Social this year is being held at Ben’s house in Bedford on Wednesday 14th December. For full address details email or text one of the instructors, or ask at a class.

Merry Christmas to everyone and hopefully we’ll see you at Ben’s for food & drink on the 14th.

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A new way to manage our member details

New members at the club are required to complete a form before they start training. This form must be completed online. We’re asking all existing members to complete this form online, and require that all new members fill it out before coming to their first class.

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How to tie your belt [video]

This is our first video, and we thought it right that to start with we should show you how to tie your ‘obi’ [“oh-bee”] (belt). There are a number of methods used by various clubs and martial artists. This one (referred to as the ‘super-lock’ method by some) not only looks smart but reduces the tendency to come undone during a class, meaning you have more time to focus on your techniques! Continue reading

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Centre Line Theory

Following on from our last tip on foot movement comes the next in our series of tips: Centre-Line Theory. It is important to note that the term ‘centre-line’ is often used by martial artists to describe the imaginary line down the centre of the body (running through the nose down past the navel); a useful way of remembering the important atemi (vital points) that lie along this line. For our purposes, we use centre-line to mean something completely different, and our use is all about balance. Continue reading

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Good Jujitsoka (exponents of the art of Ju Jitsu) are defined by their foot movement. The ease with which defence can be turned into attack, unbalancing an opponent while remaining in balance yourself, smoothly diverting an opponent’s energy through aiki (blending) moves, and generating power as required all starts with foot movement. Continue reading

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A New Year, A New Approach

Regular website updates on the blog

This year we’re getting all ‘digital’ at Bedford JuJitsu – part of our commitment to improve the clubs for 2012. It starts right here on the blog – every month we’ll be posting some tips and showing a breakdown of a technique or principle. We’re even open to suggestions of what you’d like to see (talk to us on Facebook). There will be articles ranging from belt tying to the history of the martial art, and then on to basic principles, advanced throws, locks and much more.

Your requests and questions answered on Facebook

On top of all this, our Facebook page is already up and running too, so any feedback you have, questions to ask etc can be posted there.

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New Website Launched

We have a new website, which should be easier to use, faster, more reliable and have more useful content than ever before.

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