A New Year, A New Approach

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Regular website updates on the blog

This year we’re getting all ‘digital’ at Bedford JuJitsu – part of our commitment to improve the clubs for 2012. It starts right here on the blog – every month we’ll be posting some tips and showing a breakdown of a technique or principle. We’re even open to suggestions of what you’d like to see (talk to us on Facebook). There will be articles ranging from belt tying to the history of the martial art, and then on to basic principles, advanced throws, locks and much more.

Your requests and questions answered on Facebook

On top of all this, our Facebook page is already up and running too, so any feedback you have, questions to ask etc can be posted there.

One Response to A New Year, A New Approach

  1. Ray Alami says:

    Hi, great new look. Like the blog and feedback section. I guess I kind of missed the old forums on the old,old website. This may be a lively alternative to get the chatter going again. Linking in with Facebook will be more friendly and sociable too. Regards,Ray(ge)