Bedford Jujitsu
Bedford Jujitsu
Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes in Bedford

Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes in Bedford


Martial Arts Classes 

Bedford Jujitsu runs martial arts and self defence classes twice a week in the Bedford area. The class is well suited for both male and female students. We have people travel from as far as St Neots, Milton Keynes and Bedford, as well as the surrounding villages (Biddenham, Bromham, Kempston etc.).

Our instructors are certified coaches with the BJJA – the National Governing Body (established in 1960).


Women’s Self Defence

Our classes are ideal for women and girls. Friendly & safe but focused on real self defence. You’re welcome to come and watch a class before you join in.



About our style

Our style includes strikes, chokes, throws, joint-locks, pressure points, grappling, groundfighting, MMA, hand to hand and weapons combat. Our base is traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu, but we have selected and included what we feel are the most useful components from many other martial arts. Read more about us here.