About Us



Bedford Jujitsu is part of the British Ju Jitsu Association (BJJA), running self defence and martial arts classes twice a week in the Bedford area.

Our instructors are certified coaches with the BJJA – the National Governing Body (established in 1960).


Our Style

Principles you will learn

  • Control and Safety

  • Technique

  • Posture

  • Body Movement

  • Unbalancing

Techniques we include

  • Strikes

  • Joint Locks

  • Chokes and Strangles

  • Ground-fighting

  • Pressure point application

  • Throws & takedowns

  • Empty-hand

  • Weapons combat

Jujitsu is a highly effective method of self defence that has evolved over many years.

Our instructors at Bedford JuJitsu have, between them, trained in Boxing, Karate, Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun and JuJitsu. We find JuJitsu to be the most comprehensive of these styles, and also the most effective.

Jujitsu works to defeat an opponent using the following methods:

  • minimising exposure (posture, stances, body-position and fighting distance)

  • avoiding confrontation if at all possible (body language & verbal communication)

  • off-balancing them (centre-line theory)

  • striking, kicking & pressure-point applications (kyusho)

  • capitalising on body mechanics for leverage (joint locks)

  • taking them down to the floor (throws)

  • restraining them (chokes, strangles, holds)

  • using speed, aggression, surprise and a no-nonsense approach

  • protecting oneself from attack, and minimising damage (blocks, breakfalls)

The origins of JuJitsu can be traced back in the ancient chronicles of Japan, and it was widely practiced by the Samurai warriors.

Today, it can be seen as the dominating force in the highly publicized Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC), along with other no-rules and ring-rules Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) contests.

Recognised as a deadly and effective style, JuJitsu is now taught to UK Special Forces.


We represent the Zen Ha Kenpo Ryu Jujitsu part of the BJJA, and its late chief instructor Shihan Martin Rogers:

  • 53 years in Martial Arts

  • 6 consecutive years as Boxing Heavyweight for his unit (Parachute Regiment)

  • Bodyguard for members of state & MP’s

  • Pressure point fighting

  • Registered founder of Zen Ha Kenpo system in Okinawa (Japan) with the Matsusokan Shorin-Ryu

  • Senior coach & board member with the BJJA

Our classes are friendly and we welcome all newcomers – feel free to come and spectate for your first session, or equally to join in straight away.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


British Ju Jitsu Association


The British Ju Jitsu Association GB National Governing Body has been offering instruction and training in Ju-Jitsu since 1960. Later to become a Mandated Governing Body by UK Sports Council and recognised by Sport England. Located in Accrington, Lancashire, The British Ju Jitsu Association Gb National Governing Body has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts.

The elected Mr. Martin Dixon (Chairman) and a staff of expert Coaches, instructors and managers, The British Ju Jitsu Association Gb National Governing Body all Ju Jitsu groups to apply for recognition by The National Governing Body of Ju-Jitsu.The British Ju-Jitsu Association, the BJJA, was originally founded in 1956 by Soke James Blundell (22/12/21 to 13/11/89) and was later re-constituted in 1988. It included other affiliated Ju-Jitsu associations from around Great Britian. Together, these clubs and associations approached the British Sports Council (now the UK Sports Council) to establish a single Governing Body for the Martial Art of Ju-Jitsu in this country and as a result, since 1993, the BJJA became the British Ju-Jitsu Association Governing Body, or BJJAGB.

This Governing Body oversees all aspects of Ju-Jitsu in Great Britain such as, establishing codes of conduct, standard practises, competition formats and rules, arranging group insurance policies for clubs within the Association, and certification of teachers and competition referees as well as registration of new clubs.

The British Ju Jitsu Association Ju Jitsu Governing Body that is recognised by Sport England and is the UK National Source in reference to N/SVQ’s.

Sports Coaching certification for Martial Arts instructors is backed by the National Coaching Foundation, known as “Sports Coach UK”. It is through them that the BJJAGB is able to arrange for full Professional Indemnity insurance for all registered coaching instructors teaching Ju-Jitsu within the BJJAGB.

As the independent voice of UK sport, the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) is the umbrella organisation for the National Governing and Representative Bodies of sport and recreation in the UK. It speaks and acts to promote, protect and develop the interests of sport and physical recreation at all levels. The CCPR is at the forefront of sports politics, providing support and services to those who participate in and administer sport and recreation and is completely independent of any form of Government control. They have no responsibility for allocating funds and are strictly non-party and will support or oppose proposed measures only on the basis of their perceived value to sport and recreation.