We offer classes for every level, and have up to 4 senior instructors on the mat at any one time.

We welcome new starters at Bedford JuJitsu: all you need is a t-shirt and joggers / tracksuit trousers as we train in bare feet on matted areas. Individuals or groups are welcome. Our insurance policy does include provision for junior students, though we recommend a minimum age of 14 years old as a starting point.


Your first lesson with us


So, what happens when you get to your first session?

First up, we’ll introduce you to the club instructor and ask you to provide a few details about yourself. Then we’ll talk to you about some basic safety information and how the class works. Aside from the warmup and safety procedures, no part of the class is compulsory, so you don’t have to worry about being asked to do anything you’re not completely comfortable with.

Each class has a structured format: an initial show of respect (bowing ceremony) is followed by a warmup of stretching and light aerobic exercise. Then we move onto the sparring mitts and kickpads: you’ll learn how to punch, kick, knee and elbow right from the offset, training at your own pace under the supervision of our instructor team.

Once warmed up (as above), an assistant instructor (minimum 3 years experience) will spend time with you one-on-one to show you a range of very simple techniques, giving you a flavour of the different components to our style (some strikes, locks, holds, takedowns etc). Your instructors (minimum 10 years experience) will supervise and offer guidance throughout.

Sparring, competition or direct combat are not components for new starters.

Your instructor can give you pricing for membership, though these are not required for the first four sessions.

Our classes sometimes split into two groups:

  1. Students wanting high intensity, combat, competition and fitness

  2. Students wanting to focus on building confidence, technique and style

If you have any questions contact one of the Sensei’s and they will be happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


“I have trained in martial arts before – can I still join?” Yes!

We welcome beginners and experts alike. Our instructors will adapt their teaching style to help you get the most from the class, and can tailor our techniques to leverage the learning you already have. All we ask is that you respect your Sensei and to listen to what they have to say.