Bedford Martial Arts Class


About the Bedford Club

The Bedford dojo has a friendly atmosphere – welcoming all new students, male and female alike. At present we have students as young as 14, all the way up to those over 60. Junior and Senior students train separately but all in one class. The focus at the Bedford Martial Arts School is very much on generating maximum power through precision and technique. Jujitsu techniques will be demonstrated by your instructor in slow motion, and at normal speed, breaking each technique down step by step. As you practice, instructors will advise on how you can improve, tailoring the drills and exercises according to your ability.


What To Expect from your martial arts lesson

Typically each class comprises the following components:

  • registration & check for any injuries

  • rei (formal bow as a mark of respect)

  • warmup stretches and light exercise

  • breakfalling (learning / practicing how to protect yourself if you fall to the floor)

  • focus pad / kick shield warmup (strikes)

  • syllabus work (practiced in pairs with someone of similar level/ability)

  • enhanced teaching (techniques outside of the syllabus)

  • cool down

Techniques are practiced in a hands-on fashion wherever possible – helping students learn how to deal with opponents of different shapes and sizes.

Students choose from higher or lower intensity training, ensuring we have something for everyone.